July 23rd 2015

Employer Engagement update July 2015

The expansion of the Reserve Forces is well underway and, in the future, Reserves in all of our Armed Forces will play a bigger role in UK Defence.

In support of that, the SaBRE campaign aims to develop and sustain mutually-beneficial relationships between the MOD and employers.

Our employer engagement strategy is focused on Reserves but recognises the need to support other Defence personnel including Service leavers and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers. We have engaged with over 4,000 employer contacts around the East Midlands, providing information and advice on all matters relating to the employment of Defence personnel. In addition, we provide a forum for employers’ views, issues and suggestions for feedback to the MOD.

Recent employer engagement events include: Chambers of Commerce networking events; a SaBRE golf day; Her Majesty’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Colour); a London Heritage day including a tour of the Palace of Westminster and the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London; county employer dinners in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire; a Reservist Dinner hosted by Nottinghamshire University Hospitals NHS Trust; raising awareness opportunities at the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust AGM and Annual Members Meeting; an Army Engagement Group presentation.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme recognises and rewards the support shown by employers. The Scheme has three levels of awards. At the Bronze level, employers are able to state their intent to support Defence, the Silver level recognises employers who actively demonstrate support and the Gold award recognises those who have become advocates for Defence personnel. To see a list of employers who have received awards or to register for a Bronze award, go to the employer recognition scheme website. The first stage of qualifying for a Silver award is to sign the Corporate Covenant.

The Corporate Covenant is the basis for Defence’s relationship with private sector employers who are encouraged to acknowledge their support for Defence personnel through a voluntary pledge which may include support for the employment of Veterans, Reservists, spouses or Cadet Force Adult Volunteers. Over 600 organisations around the UK have already pledged their support and 49 are in the East Midlands; those employers are listed on the corporate covenant website. To make the pledge is a simple process and employers who wish to do so should contact John Wilson.

For information on any Defence personnel matters or with any queries, contact:

John Wilson, Regional SaBRE Campaign Director


Tele: 0115 924 8627