September 8th 2014


A successful Air Cadet Squadron has launched a new campaign in order to bolster its ranks with new recruits.

The 1211 Swadlincote Squadron has launched the ‘recruitment drive’ in a bid to expand to its award-winning group of Cadets.

As Cadets have grown up and left, numbers have begun to dip, so squadron leaders are on the lookout for a range of different people to join.

Squadron Commander Alyn Thompson said: “We are having an incredibly successful year so far and have had Cadets travelling to camps at Swynnerton, near Stoke and to RAF Cranwell where they have flown in a King Air. Several have gone overseas to the Accession Isle, Gibraltar and Germany.  This year has also seen us emerge victorious from our annual area competition, fending off competing units.”

Swadlincote Squadron is to add the latest crop of youngsters to their high flying team with an evening explaining what they can hope to achieve through joining the Air Cadet Organisation, taking part in activities ranging from flying and gliding to adventurous training and overseas camps.

Additionally, 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron is now able to recruit young men and women from the age of 12, a whole year earlier than previous recruitment drives.

Pilot Officer Moss added: “The Air Cadet Organisation has come to the conclusion that those at the age of 12 possess the potential to fully participate and prosper from all that the Air Cadets has to offer.  We look forward to welcoming a new range of cadets to our diverse team”.

The Squadron will look to recruit the next generation of youngsters with an open evening at 7.30pm on Thursday the 18 of September at their Eureka Park headquarters on John Street in Swadlincote.

Squadron training officer, Ruth Morgan, said: “We offer an amazing array of activities for our young people which include educational qualifications.

“Our squadron can deliver so much to the young people of South Derbyshire and this open evening will be their first step to taking advantage of our activities.”