January 28th 2016

Kenyan adventure for Nottingham Reservists

Trooper Neil Shaw and Trooper George Moss

Two Reservists from Nottingham have travelled almost 5,000 miles to Kenya for their first experience of deploying overseas with the Army Reserve.

Trooper George Moss, aged 20, and Trooper Neil Shaw, aged 21, both train with A (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron, based in Carlton, Nottingham, and travelled to East Africa to take part in Exercise Askari Storm with their regular partnered regiment 1st Battalion The Queens Dragoon Guards.

The exercise, known as Askari Storm, saw George and Neil travel to the Archers Post National Park, in Kenya, where they honed their basic infantry skills, often carrying heavy equipment loads in excess of 80lbs, before taking part in a simulated battle aimed at perfecting defence and attack skills. They also had to acclimatise to the Kenyan weather, experiencing temperatures of more than 40 degrees at some points.

George and Neil served in different sections during the exercise and told of how the Kenyan conditions contributed to a steep but enjoyable learning curve.

Trooper George Moss, who lives in Nottingham, said: “This exercise was a great way to kick off our first overseas deployment and it has helped me to learn a lot about myself including finding my limits and how to push myself past them. The conditions at Archers Post are well known for being at least 10 degrees hotter than other parts of Kenya and this really forced us to learn quickly about safety while exercising in dusty and hot environments.”

Exercise Askari Storm was also the first time both Reservists had taken part in a simulated battle scenario, something they explained pushed everyone both mentally and physically, forcing them to try and ‘out think’ the enemy.

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“This exercise was a great way to kick off our first overseas deployment."