March 1st 2016

Skiing success in France

Private Amy Brookman from 203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron

Skiing down slopes of more than 1000 metres and competing against professional-level sports personnel has been an experience enjoyed by a Loughborough based Reservist.

Private Amy Brookman, aged 23, serves as a Reservist with 203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron and has spent the last few weeks skiing as part of the British Army’s ski team in Meribel, France.  During which time she was ranked as second in a female downhill event, third in an alpine individual combination event and as third best female in a Super Giant Slalom competition.

Amy, who works as Graphic Designer in her civilian life, originally started skiing when she was a child but put her skis to rest when she was 16-years-old due to studying and other commitments. More recently, however, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands to represent 158 Regiment in February last year at an Army skiing event, during which time other participants referred to her as a ‘natural talent’.

Over the last 12 months, Amy has travelled to France on two occasions as well as competing in Germany just before Christmas 2015.

Amy, who lives in Rothely, commented: “I’ve really enjoyed competing in the racing discipline of alpine skiing as I can really feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I travel at great speed downhill.

“I have now been fortunate enough to be granted a space in the British Army Ski Team so I can compete in both Army-based and Tri-service competitions with other professional-level skiers. My skiing journey all began last year though really when I was ranked highly as an individual skier representing my Army Reserve Regiment. I am delighted with my progress to date and hope to continue representing my country at competitions on the horizon.”

Amy’s employer has been very supportive about her Army Reserve commitments, allowing her to take extended periods of leave to represent the military in sporting competitions as needed.

203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron are recruiting now, to learn more contact Captain Ben Wing 0r phone 01509 263742.

“I have now been fortunate enough to be granted a space in the British Army Ski Team."