April 15th 2016

Volunteer reflects on varied career

Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Ron Gatepain TD

A volunteer who has served as a cadet, a reservist and a regular in all three services has told of how his military background helps him to get the most out of his voluntary roles.

Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Ron Gatepain TD, aged 68, from Lincoln, currently volunteers as the Chairman of East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association’s (RFCA) Lincolnshire County Committee.

Over the last 50 years, Ron has experienced being a cadet with 204 (City of Lincoln) Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC), served as a Royal Marines Commando, served as a reservist for 2503 (County of Lincoln) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF), before joining the Army Reserve at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks where he Commanded a regiment of the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC).

Ron, who retired from military service in 2000, also has a background in management and construction, having worked as a Managing Director for a Property Development company for more than 25 years.

In his role as Chairman for the Lincolnshire committee, Ron said: “I enjoy being able to network and engage with reservists, cadets and employers through my role with East Midlands RFCA. Having served in the military myself I think it is important to support the Armed Forces community wherever possible.”

Ron, who holds three degrees – two at Masters Level – has also written and published two books. He is also an Architectural Historian and frequently gives talks on this subject on cruise ships around the world.

He added: “My time with the military has been extremely valuable and combined with my civilian career and outside interests; I have been able to develop a wealth of transferrable skills which help me in my work as county chairman.

“Also, having served with all three of the services in the capacity of a Cadet, Reserve and as a Regular has been extremely useful in me being able to successfully promote the Cadets and Reserve Forces, and this is something that I am passionate about.”

Through his role as Lincolnshire County Chairman, Ron was recently involved in organising an interview on Lincoln City Radio about the benefits and advantages of the Reserve Forces and also attended the 2015 Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Awards.


“I enjoy being able to network and engage with reservists, cadets and employers."