September 29th 2015

Adult volunteer: “Both of my roles require a great deal of flexibility”

An adult volunteer from Nottingham who fights fires in his day job has told of how his 12 hour shifts haven’t stopped him from volunteering.

Steve Daykin, aged 43 years, is based at Highfields Fire Station in Beeston where he works as a Crew Manager for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and volunteers in his spare time with Long Eaton Sea Cadets as their Officer in Charge.

In his day job, Steve is responsible for everything from attending fire call outs, to maintaining fire and rescue equipment and issuing fire safety advice.

Talking of his varied full and part-time roles, Steve explained: “Both of my roles require a great deal of flexibility. I enjoy the feeling that no two days or nights in either role will ever be the same, and while my job and role at the Sea Cadets are completely different, I enjoy the cross-overs of being able to lead two different teams and get the best out of those I am working with, whether it be young people or colleagues.”

Steve is the Officer Commanding of Long Eaton Sea CadetsSteve commented on how his day job has benefited his role with the Sea Cadets in unexpected ways. He said: “I originally got involved with the Sea Cadets after my son joined and I realised that I too could gain extra qualifications and leadership experience. While there aren’t any official cross-overs between both roles, I have found that working with the Sea Cadets has helped me to engage with young people in a more effective way when I visit schools to talk about fire safety.

“It can be challenging at times to go from one role to another, but I thoroughly enjoy seeing what each day will bring.”

Working a varied shift pattern at the Fire Station, Steve gives up his time on Monday and Thursday evenings to supervise adult volunteers teaching Cadets anything from water activities to key parts of the Sea Cadet syllabus.

He said: “I try to ensure that there is always something different for Cadets to do so that no two evenings are the same – much like in my role at work. For me, it is always exciting when new recruits come along to the detachment as it is good to know that someone is just starting their Sea Cadet career.

“Having only taken over as Officer in Charge in June, I haven’t had many opportunities to really sell the benefits of the Sea Cadets to those who maybe want to join us, but I thoroughly look forward to getting more young people involved.”

Speaking of his time with the Sea Cadets so far, Steve commented: “Joining the Sea Cadets has given me the opportunity to expand my experience of leading a team, and I would encourage anyone to join as you are able to develop yourself while trying sailing, kayaking, and swimming, which you simply could not do anywhere else.”

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“It can be challenging at times to go from one role to another, but I thoroughly enjoy seeing what each day will bring.”