March 13th 2015


An adult volunteer has described why he finds it a humbling experience to organise training and activities for Cadets in Nottingham.

Second Lieutenant Tom Tidy, aged 25, volunteers with Nottinghamshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) and is based at the organisation’s Sherwood Detachment on Hucknall Road.

Tom spent four years as a Cadet, before returning to the ACF as an adult volunteer in 2009. Since that time he has worked his way up through the ranks, gained a commission and is now one of Nottinghamshire ACF’s youngest Detachment Commanders.

Explaining why he finds his volunteer role so fulfilling Tom said: “As a Detachment Commander I have the responsibility to oversee all of the Cadets’ activities and training as well as leading the team of adult volunteers.

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn lots of new skills and experience activities I would never have had the chance to do previously, thanks to the ACF. I want to pass on what I’ve learnt to our Cadets.

“It’s a humbling feeling to have a positive impact on young people’s lives. Because I’m only 25 I find that I have more in common with our Cadets and they feel they can speak to me about their lives, but the ACF works well because it is made up of a mix of younger and older instructors, who in turn bring a wealth of life experience.

“My ACF career from being a Cadet to a Detachment Commander has helped to me improve my managerial and leadership skills and in turn improve my career prospects.”

In his civilian life, Tom works for a lettings company who he says have already commented on the benefits of his ACF experiences.

Tom continued: “I recently completed a public relations course through the ACF; this helped me to think of creative ways to advertise both the Cadets and the lettings business.

“It can be a big commitment being a Detachment Commander and balancing this alongside my day-job but the positives by far out way any negatives.  Giving back to the community is something I am passionate about and I take great pride in having the responsibility of organising practical, challenging and adventurous training as well as contributing to the educational needs of our Cadets”.