April 24th 2015

Army Reservist: “I have always been one to push myself to go further”

A keen dancer from Leicestershire has joined the Army Reserve, balancing her military training alongside her love of dance.

Private Natasha Hardacre, aged 24, trains with 222 Medical Squadron in Leicester, and works full-time as a Mental Health Nurse in her civilian career at St Andrew’s Healthcare in Mansfield.

Natasha joined the Army Reserve in January 2014 as she wanted a new challenge to push herself out of her comfort zone.

She explained: “As a dancer it is important that I have a strong level of fitness to be able to keep up with energetic dance routines like the modern jive and salsa.

“My developing military discipline and fitness has meant that I have more stamina and motivation to push myself further with my love of dance.

“As a newly qualified Mental Health Nurse I am still developing my medical skills. Being able to continue this learning in my military career has seen my confidence and ability improve in my full-time civilian job.

“During my military training I have learnt about primary healthcare and treating trauma patients, as well as the basics of anatomy and physiology. These are all valuable skills to take back in to the civilian work place and I’m sure will be appreciated by my employer.

“I have always been one to push myself to go further, which has helped me in my military and civilian careers as well as in my dance classes. I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the Army Reserve and look forward to taking on a wealth of new challenges alongside my passion for dancing in the coming months.”