July 18th 2017

Atlantic Online Media Ltd sign the Armed Forces Covenant

Gavin Hills of IHM and Peter Raith from Atlantic Online Media ltd

Gavin Hills of IHM and Peter Raith from Atlantic Online Media ltd

Atlantic Online Media Ltd signed the Armed Forces Covenant in May this year pledging to support their employees who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, ensuring they are treated fairly in the workplace.

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association had a chance to speak to Peter Raith, Managing Director, Atlantic Online Media Ltd, to find out more about why he wanted to sign the Covenant and why he believes it is so important to support past and present Armed Forces personnel.

If someone is unfamiliar with Atlantic Online Media Ltd – could you please briefly describe your business? 

“Atlantic Online Media is proud to offer Forces, Fire and Police Discounts to those who work so hard to protect us. We ask our Forces, Rescue and Police Services to do so many brave and difficult things on our behalf; they all deserve our respect, support and admiration. The brave individuals take risks heading into the very situations that others would run away from and we take pride in offering them rewards for their courage.”

 I understand you do not have a military background. Where does your motivation come from to support the Armed Forces? 

“When we heard that a member of the Armed Forces, who had recently returned from military operations, was denied a discount in a major high street store, but a student in front of him was given one, we knew we had to act. The company was set up in 2005 and has since been going from strength to strength.”

How many service leavers do you employ and what transferable skills do you think they have brought into the organisation with them? 

“We previously employed one service leaver and they have since left and are thriving within another organisation.  I believe veterans have a great deal to offer to potential civilian employers, including valuable non-technical -or ‘soft’ skills, such as leadership, decision making, persistence, and attention to detail.”

 You signed the Armed Forces Covenant recently. Why did you want to sign the Covenant and pledge your support formally to your employees who may be reservists or service leavers? 

“We wanted to be part of the Armed Forces Covenant because we believe every company in the UK should support our Forces/veterans, we work with thousands of UK businesses and will encourage them to join.”

I understand you offer a number of discounts to services for Armed Forces personnel. Please explain what the discounts are and how people can access them? 

“Rewards for Forces is free to join for life for both serving/reservists/veterans and their partners, from discounts where you live, discounts overseas (reciprocal links with Canada and Australia), cinema discounts, national discounts. Every company listed is offering something over and above what’s available to the general public, the savings for the whole family, 40% off cinema tickets, high street restaurants, hotels, attractions, travel and holiday companies, computers/gadgets and mobile phone contract deals.”

 How does your service link in to overseas discount services for the Armed Forces? 

“In the Overseas section, we have direct links with Canada and Australia, our members can use their scheme when visiting their countries and they can use Rewards for Forces when coming to the UK.”

Is there anything else you would like to note relating to how you currently support past and present military personnel? 

“We are very close to exchanging links with the United States. Be the first to know the latest by joining and making sure you tick the box to receive our newsletter.”

To find out more about the Armed Forces Covenant visit: