October 10th 2016

Cadet Molly Middleton has the wind in her sails

Molly Middleton

Despite living nearly as far away from the sea as possible, 14-year-old Molly Middleton has been able to get into sailing through the Nottingham Sea Cadets.

We got on board with her to ask how it all came about.

Cadet Interview

Name: Cadet Molly Middleton

Age: 14

Unit: Nottingham Sea Cadets

How did you become a sea cadet?

“Co-incidentally I learnt about Sea Cadets through sailing. I went to a fun day with a friend at the National Watersports Centre.

“My Mum started talking to the sailing instructor and he told her he was previously in the Sea Cadets and had really enjoyed it.

“Sea Cadets had introduced him to sailing and that is where he had achieved all his qualifications that had enabled him to have the summer job at the centre.

“I enjoyed the sailing that day so much I wanted to join Sea Cadets too so I could continue sailing. So I joined that September after the holidays.”

How are you progressing with your sailing?

“In sailing there are several stages you can reach. Afterwards you can decide to go through modules which include; day sailing, sailing with a spinnaker and seamanship skills.

“You can also become an assistant instructor, and a full dinghy instructor at 16.

“I have recently achieved my stage 4, which is the highest stage at youth level; I have also learnt some of the seamanship skills course too.”

Molly Middleton (left) pictured out on the waves.How often do you get to go sailing?

“I don’t go sailing as regularly as I’d like, but hope to do more next year. I have attended courses at Thrapston boating station and Weymouth.

“I don’t own a boat however my twin brother and I wish one day to own one. Nottingham Sea Cadets have boats at their unit which are available to use when an instructor is available.

“Nottingham Sea Cadets is a registered charity so they have to raise funds in order to make any new purchases.”

How does it feel to go sailing and what is the best thing about it?

“Sailing makes you feel really good especially at sea going really fast. You feel in control and exhilarated. It’s really exciting.

“That is the best thing about sailing, also it is fantastic trying out different sailing boats and challenging conditions.

“When you pass the assessment to gain the next stage it is a great feeling of accomplishment.”

How far do you want to take you sailing in the future?

“In the future I wish to become a sailing instructor, to help the cadets at my unit reach their sailing goals.

“In the summer at Weymouth there is a six week course for young people 16 and over where you can train to become an instructor, which I’d love to do.”

“Sailing makes you feel really good especially at sea going really fast. You feel in control and exhilarated. It’s really exciting."