August 4th 2015

Deputy Chief Executive in step with Cadets at the Nijmegen Marches

A member of staff from East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA) has joined over 43,000 walkers to take part in the 99th Nijmegen Marches in the Netherlands this July.

Walking 25 miles a day for four days, the 100-mile Nijmegen Marches is popular with Cadet, Reserve and Regular units from across the UK.

Simon Worsley before Nijmegen marches

Simon Worsley before Nijmegen marches

For Simon Worsley, the Deputy Chief Executive at East Midlands RFCA, it was his eighth time at the Nijmegen Marches, having first completed the Marches in 1981 when a young Regular Army Officer based in Germany.  Since then he has participated both captaining military teams, last taking a military team to the event in 2009 but now as a civilian.

He commented: “The Nijmegen Marches is a unique event, not for the distance covered but for the atmosphere and the welcome from the tens of thousands of people who line the whole route to support the walkers.  For those who manage to complete the four days, the final stretch through the centre of Nijmegen is watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

“The walk is a challenge but it was great to see Cadets from Air Training Corps units in the East Midlands taking part.  This challenge is not to be underestimated, when did you last walk 100 miles in 4 days?  However the personal satisfaction of completing the event, plus seeing the teamwork and discipline the Cadets demonstrated throughout the event, is well worth the blisters.

“I would encourage every Cadet unit to consider this challenge of taking part in the 100th Nijmegen Marches is being held 19-22 July 2016”.

"This challenge is not to be underestimated, when did you last walk 100 miles in 4 days?"