March 3rd 2016

Derbyshire cadet shows selfless commitment

Cadet Keenan Lee

A cadet from Bolsover has received praise from his youth organisation after he gave up his chances of winning a cross country event to help an injured runner.

Cadet Keenan Lee, aged 15, from Bolsover Detachment of Derbyshire Army Cadet Force (ACF), was taking part in the ACF Eastern Region Cross Country event when he used hisFirst Aid skills to help a fellow cadet who fell during the race.

Keenan, who learnt First Aid through the ACF, was on track to finish the cross country event in third place when the female cadet from a different county collapsed on the track.

Colonel Chris Young, Commandant of Derbyshire ACF said: “Cadet Lee displayed selfless commitment when he stopped his race to put a fellow runner in the recovery position andwaited with her until the St John Ambulance team arrived. His quick thinking is a credit to the ACF. He was about 500 metres from the end of a 3K cross country course when theother cadet collapsed at the side of him and his training immediately kicked in. He gave up his own chances of success to ensure her safety.”

All cadets joining the ACF receive First Aid training as part of their syllabus, which covers everything from how to contact the emergency services, to life saving by using therecovery position and CPR. Keenan is also undertaking his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through the ACF had chosen to use First Aid as his skill. He is also due to undertake a StJohn Ambulance Youth First Aid Course later this year.

Keenan, who competed in the intermediate boys race the cross county competition, said: “I am proud that my First Aid skills have been put to good use in a real-life situation as Ithink that it shows that organisations like the ACF really help young people to learn valuable skills which will help them in life outside of cadets.

“For me, there was no other choice but to help the injured cadet and although it means that I will not be able to compete in the national ACF Cross Country Championships in March, Iam pleased that I helped someone using my First Aid knowledge.”

The event was a successful day for Derbyshire ACF who finished overall in second place, with first places achieved in the Junior Girls and Intermediate Boys categories.

The Eastern Region Cross Country event took place on 28 February in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire.

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“Cadet Lee displayed selfless commitment when he stopped his race to put a fellow runner in the recovery position and waited with her until the St John Ambulance team arrived."