June 5th 2015

Derbyshire Cadets take part in tug of war event

A team of eight Cadets from Derbyshire took part in a prestigious national tug of war match in London earlier this week.

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) were one of two ACF teams to be nominated to represent their youth organisation at the sporting event in aid of the charity Macmillan Cancer Support, due to the county’s commitment and dedication to practise tug of war over the years.

Each year, The House of Lords and The House of Commons compete against each other in a charity tug of war event to support Macmillan Cancer Support and the organisers invite selected organisations to join them to compete at the event.

This year, the ACF were asked to open the event with a demonstration pull. Cadet Lance Corporal James Smith, from Derbyshire ACF’s Phoenix Street Detachment, was one of the Cadets taking part in the event. He said: “Being a Cadet means we get to take part in lots of adventurous training and sporting activities such as tug of war. It’s a great sport as it encourages us all to work together as a team. Taking part in the charity tug of war event is something I will never forget, it was an amazing experience.”

The charity event took place at the College Gardens, Westminster Abbey, London on Tuesday 2 June 2015.

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"It’s a great sport as it encourages us all to work together as a team".