June 30th 2014

Dining with Reservists

A number of hospital employees who train as part of the Reserve Armed Forces in their spare time have been thanked for their efforts at a special dinner held at Nottingham University Hospital’s Cityside Restaurant.

Reservists from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust and Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust put on their uniforms on Thursday 13 June to attend an organised banquet that was designed to thank each of them for their dedication to the Armed Forces and the learning they bring back to their civilian roles from further training and mobilisation in some cases. Royal Navy Reserves, Territorial Army representatives and Royal Auxiliary Air Force Reservists attended the event.

John Wilson, Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers (SaBRE) Campaign Director, said: “Nottingham University Hospitals are, and have been for many years, dedicated supporters of employees who choose to train as part of the Reserve Armed Forces in their own time. “The dinner was for Reservists from medical organisations across the region to show that their skills, training, professional attitudes and constant learning are really appreciated by their employers and that they understand that good communication and commitment is key to recognising the benefits of employing colleagues such as them.”

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Director of Workforce and Strategy Daniel Mortimer said: “Here at NUH we have always supported colleagues who wish to be a Reservist alongside their jobs with the Trust, and will continue to do so. “The fifth annual dinner was again an excellent way of demonstrating our huge appreciation for the dedication and commitment they show in both roles. “It also allowed colleagues to show their appreciation for the particular commitment that Dr. Peter Barrett, the Trust Chairman – whose idea the dinner has been, and who retires in July – has to the work of the Reserve forces, both within the Trust and regionally.”

The role of the employer is to support members of their workforce who decide to join the Reserve Armed Forces. Joining the Reserve Forces continues to be of great importance, and in the East Midlands many employers, from healthcare and other industries, have shown significant support of employees. Chairman Dr. Peter Barrett and Chief Executive Peter Homa of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust attended the dinner to further demonstrate the importance of supporting Reservists in their organisation.