June 18th 2014


An Army Reservist, who works full-time as a Service Delivery Manager at E.ON in his civilian career, is set to wear his military uniform to work to help raise the profile of the Armed Forces locally.

Trooper Chris Nicholson, aged 31, serves as a Reservist with S (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry, on Cavendish Drive in Carlton, Nottingham and has decided to take part in Uniform to Work Day, which is happening on Wednesday 25 June, to highlight the benefits of being a Reservist.

Chris said: “Taking part in Uniform to Work Day allows me to help raise the profile of the Army Reserve and show my support and appreciation of soldiers who have served before me.

“I have previously worn my military uniform to work on Armistice Day to help to raise money for the Army Benevolent Fund which I’m proud to say has raised over £1200 in the last two years, but I have never worn my uniform into E.ON for this event before.”

Since joining the Army Reserve in October 2012, Chris, who lives in Gedling, has never looked back. He explained: “After years of hearing stories relating my family’s military history I decided to make the leap and join up as a Reservist otherwise I’d regret it for the rest of my life. I like the sense of adventure, the additional training I receive, the camaraderie with my fellow soldiers and the knowledge I’m serving my Queen and country.

Chris in his uniform at workChris in his uniform at work “I’ve found that my colleagues at E.ON have been extremely supportive of my military commitments and acknowledge that the skills I continually learn and develop in the Army are useful in my civilian career such as discipline, loyalty, respect for others and selfless commitment.”

Scott Somerville, spokesman for E.ON said: ““We’re pleased to support the Wear Your Uniform to Work Day and are sure that Chris’ colleagues will respond positively to seeing him, and others, in their uniforms next Wednesday.”

Uniform to Work Day allows Reservists to wear their service uniforms to their civilian workplace with pride and celebrate the positive role Reservists play by working alongside their regular (full-time) counterparts.

This is a voluntary event that Reservists can choose to take part in, along with their employer’s support.

To find out more about joining S (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry, contact call 0115 961 8722