July 22nd 2016

External Scrutiny Team – Annual Report 2016

In this, second statutory report, the External Scrutiny Team have concentrated mainly on the Ministry of Defence’s progress towards completing its Future Reserves 2020 (FR20) programme, as this lies at the heart of regenerating a healthy Reserve.

reportHitherto, as with most commentators, the team have focussed mainly on the Services achieving growth in the numbers recruited into the Reserve.

This year it is clear that increasing the size of the Reserve is substantively on track: the Royal Navy looks set to hit its targets and the Royal Air Force has effectively done so already.

Although the Army seems unlikely to meet its trained strength targets, its recruiting inflow is far healthier than in recent years and it should meet its trained strength targets albeit a year or two late. Given the other major changes that will still be underway in the Army over the same period, it seems unlikely that a short term deficit of about 3,000 trained Reserves for a year or so will have significant material impact on operational output.

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