April 15th 2015


From Friday 27 March 2015, new rules coming into effect will provide greater financial assistance to employers and self-employed Reservists.

The rules also limit the maximum assistance available to individual, non-specialist members of the Reserve Forces who are mobilised.

Changes to current legislation incorporate the requests of employers of Reservists made as part of a consultation exercise last year.  They will ensure that financial costs incurred by employers and their reservists as a result of mobilisation are minimised.

The enhanced financial assistance package for employers includes handover, clothing and training costs awards as well as one off recruitment advertising costs.  Employers of mobilised reservists can now claim:

  • Five days of handover and five days takeover costs before an employee is mobilised and when they return to work (capped at a Reservist’s daily rate of pay and £110 per day);
  • Up to 75 per cent of the costs up to a maximum of £300 of providing specialist clothing for a person replacing a Reservist who is deployed;
  • Up to £2000 of the costs of training the person who fills in for the Reservist during their mobilisation.  The award also applies if additional training is needed for the Reservist on their return to work.

In addition, self-employed Reservists will now be able to claim for up to £2000 of some expenses incurred when they choose to stop trading as a result of mobilisation.

The cap on payments to non-specialist Reservists made to mitigate loss of income during mobilisation is being reduced from £548 per day to £400 per day.

The process of claiming for financial support is being improved.  To make claiming easier and payouts faster, a new downloadable claim form for employers and self-employed Reservists is being introduced.

Minister for Reserves, Julian Brazier MP said: “The amendments to the Reserves financial assistance regulations will make a real difference, especially to small and medium sized employers.  In addition to the extra support it offers employers, I’m pleased that for the first time assistance can also be provided to self- employed Reservists who during mobilisation put their businesses in cessation.”