July 8th 2016

A firm partnership: husband and wife join the Army Reserve together

Mr and Mrs Key

A couple from Lincolnshire have joined the Army Reserve to make the most of their free time and put their team working skills to the test.

Private Andrew Key, aged 41, and Recruit Sonya Key, aged 37, decided to join 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron at Sobraon Barracks after a colleague explained he was considering joining up.

Mr and Mrs Key are both employed as taxi drivers in their civilian lives and have two children aged 9 and 12 who are very supportive of their mum and dad challenging themselves to learn new skills in their spare time.

Andrew explained: “I wish I’d joined the reserves a long time ago but life got in the way. I’ve not looked back though since I came along to 160 Transport Squadron six months ago, and am so proud to have ‘passed out’ of my Phase One Basic Training Course in Grantham at the end of June.

“My basic training was hard work and demanding as well as testing my physical and mental stamina, but looking back on the experience it was also good fun.”

The Phase One Alpha and Bravo training sees soldiers learn a variety of skills such as map reading, how to handle and fire a weapon, practice battlefield casualty drills and how to treat patients in the field using basic medical skills, as well as learning how to survive ‘in the field’ on a three-day fieldcraft exercise.

Andrew continued: “Joining the Army Reserve has had a positive effect on my health and fitness. I was 17 and a half stone when I first joined and thanks to my training I’m now weighing in at 13 and a half stone. As a family, we have always enjoyed spending time outdoors but I think we are now trying to be more health conscious and are eating better meals.”

After seeing the benefits of being in the Reserve Forces through her husband, Sonya decided that she would also like to become a reservist and work towards earning new driving qualifications that could also benefit her civilian career.

Sonya commented: “Now our children are a bit older my husband and I both have a bit more time on our hands so we wanted to use this constructively. I’ve no previous experience of the military, but am looking forward to all the challenges I will encounter in training. I am planning to attend my selection event in July, and hope to start my basic training soon afterwards.

“The children are so excited to hear their dads training and activity stories, our little boy even wants to join the Army Cadets now as he wants to be like his dad. Andrew and I have always worked as a team in whatever we have done so being in the Army Reserve together is another experience we can enjoy together.”

160 Transport Squadron is a part of 158 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, who provide general transport support to its paired unit in the regular Army.

If you are looking for a new challenge in your free time, 160 Transport Squadron is currently recruiting for a range of trades including military drivers, chefs, communication specialists and combat medical technicians.

No previous experience is needed and you could work towards a variety of driving qualifications in your part time role depending on your specialism.

To find out more contact 01522 529082 or email

“My basic training was hard work and demanding as well as testing my physical and mental stamina, but looking back on the experience it was also good fun.”