November 8th 2016

A Focus On: Cadet Executive Officer

Paul Hill (1)

Paul Hill

Nottinghamshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) has a new Cadet Executive Officer (CEO) in Paul Hill  – but what exactly do CEOs do?

Each ACF unit in the region has a CEO. They are employed by East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association to oversee the running of the ACFs and provide support and advice to ensure cadets and volunteers get the best possible experiences.

Paul brings 37 years of military experience to the role he took over in August, just a week before the youth organisation’s annual camp.

The father of two from Grantham joined the regular army as a 16-year-old in what was then called the Royal Corps of Transport, now known as the Royal Logistic Corps, rising through the ranks to become a Major.

He left the regulars in 2012 before taking on a full-time reserve contract in 2013 as the Officer Commanding Cadet Training Team in 49 East Brigade, now 7th Infantry Brigade.

Though Paul’s two grown up sons were previously members of a Combined Cadet Force, he’d not been involved with the cadets until taking on the training role where he became familiar with a number of Nottinghamshire ACF’s personnel.

He’s now two months in to the CEO role based at Nottinghamshire ACF’s Headquarters in Swiney Way, Chilwell.

“I’m really enjoying it,” said Paul. “It was particularly good going on annual camp in only my second week in the job.

“Some people said to me that going straight to annual camp was like being thrown in at the deep end, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

“It gave me the chance to meet all the detachment commanders straight away which was good as it always helps to put a name to a face.

IMG 0164

Chief Executive Officer of Nottinghamshire – Paul Hill

“These are people who I probably email and speak to every week, but because they’re so busy and dotted all around the county it would be difficult to get to actually meet them all if they weren’t all together at annual camp.

“In my previous roles I’ve experienced annual camps with Combined Cadet Forces and I understood already what the cadets do, so it was a case of getting to know how Nottinghamshire ACF works.”

Away from the job, Paul likes to keep fit and is a regular at the gym – but rugby is where his passion lies.

The Leicester Tigers fan previously played as a full back for his army corps and coached at Grantham Rugby Club.

Paul said: “My role as CEO really is to be supportive to the Commandant Alan Burt, the staff at Nottinghamshire ACF’s HQ and to the adult volunteers.

“I’m here to help everyone at Nottinghamshire ACF achieve their goals and I’m here to provide advice and direction when required.

“With regards the cadets themselves, it’s all about providing them with the experiences they need that will help build their confidence and skills so they get something out of the effort they put into their time at Notts ACF.

“We need to work to make sure those opportunities are available for all cadets to learn and develop as individuals. It’s about allowing them to achieve what they want in a way that’s fun, challenging and beneficial to them.

“We want to increase our numbers of cadets and adult volunteers across Nottinghamshire and we’re always looking at ways in which we can ensure they continue to enjoy their time in the organisation.”

“I’m here to help everyone at Nottinghamshire ACF achieve their goals and I’m here to provide advice and direction when required."