October 13th 2015

From fighting fires to serving his country

A Reservist has taken time out to thank his employer for all of the support they have given him in advancing his military service.

Senior Aircraftsman Daniel Burnett, aged 33, serves with the RAF Reserve’s 2503 (County of Lincoln) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment, as well as working full-time as a Firefighter in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire.

Joining the RAF Reserve three years ago, Daniel has had the opportunity to experience being deployed to Afghanistan as well as taking part in a number of different military courses and adventurous training exercises.

Dan Burnett in Afghanistan during 2014“I also had a number of Fire Service courses booked ahead of my deployment, which my employer put on hold for my return meaning my Firefighting career development was not compromised by me being away from base.”

During 2014, Daniel Burnett returned from his to deployment to Afghanistan where one of his roles was to act as a Team Medic, assisting the medical professional in-the-field with any casualties or incidents as needed.

Prior to becoming a Firefighter, Daniel served as a Regular full-time soldier with the British Army, before deciding he wanted to try something new. He continued:  “There are definitely cross-overs between my two careers. As a Firefighter one of the first things you are trained on is First-Aid. As part of the job, you often have to deal with traumatic situations in which members of the public could be injured such as house fires or car accidents. The Fire Service provides training to make sure you are not only equipped with the skills you need to provide care on-the-job, but also to make sure you are mentally prepared for the situations you may encounter which gave me a head start in my Reservist training.

“For me both of my careers are not regular nine to five jobs, so I’ve found that people in the Fire Service and in the Reserves are very like-minded.”

Working a shift pattern of two day shifts and two night shifts, followed by four days off, allows Daniel to complete much of his annual Reserve training. Although he noted that Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service are also happy for him to use his extra 16 days paid leave for his Reserve duties.

Daniel continued: “Being a Firefighter means that you will be exposed to situations in which you need to have a high level of mental and physical fitness to complete tasks in hand. We have to carry heavy equipment, lift people, work in confined spaces and run out lines of hose amongst other things. Therefore, I think my day job did give me a head start fitness-wise when I joined the Reserves.

“I would recommend joining the Reserve Forces to anyone looking for a new challenge. I have had the opportunity to take part in lots of outdoor adventurous training through the Reserves which I have really enjoyed. For example, I went Coasteering in Wales, experiencing the adrenaline rush of rock climbing, sea level scrambling and swimming in caves. I’ve also been hill walking, mountain biking and am going on a Battlefield Tour to Normandy as part of our Force Development with my RAF Reserve colleagues this November.”


“Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service have gone above and beyond their HR policy to support me with my Reserve duties."