March 26th 2014


A parade to mark the disbandment of 160 Transport Regiment RLC and the formation of 160 (Lincoln) Squadron has been held at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham.

The newly formed Squadron will form part of 158 Transport Regiment RLC and will be based in Sobraon Barracks, Lincoln.

Soldiers from the Regiment and newly formed Squadron marched onto the parade square this weekend to formerly mark the changes that are part of the Army’s restructuring review: Army Reserves FR20 that was announced in July 2013.

The Major of Lincoln Councillor Pat Vaughan, joined by the Honorary Colonel of 160 Transport Regiment RLC, Colonel John Astbury QVRM TD and the Honorary Colonel of 158 Transport Regiment, Colonel Mark Underhill, inspected the parade. The formal act of disbandment; the lowering of the Regimental flag then took place.

A national regiment formed in 1993, 160 Transport Regiment RLC recruited personnel from all over the country. Based at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, the regiment provided an opportunity for soldiers to pursue a transport career in the Army Reserve.

The Mayor of Lincoln, Councillor Pat Vaughan inspects the parade60’s role was to provide transport of combat supplies and heavy lift capability in support of the Regular Army, in peace or times of conflict.

All the soldiers serving in 160 Regiment RLC have the opportunity to join other Army Reserve Regiments including 158 Transport Regiment that is equipped with the Leyland-DAF Demountable Rack Off Load and Pick up System (DROPS) also known as a Medium Mobility Load Carrier (MMLC).

158 Tpt Regiment is also equipped with the All Terrain Fork Lift Truck, Fuel Tankers, Field Catering Equipment and Modern Weapon Systems. Soldiers serving with the Regiment can gain both their car and HGV Class 2 driving licenses.

160 Transport Regiment RLC Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Hughes, said: “Where there is history there is also emotion so there is sadness that the Regiment is to be removed from the Army’s Order of Battle. But it is also a day to celebrate the Regiment’s achievements that has seen soldiers deploy on operations including Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Although the Regiment is disbanding an RLC presence will remain in the county with the formation of the new Squadron based at Sobraon Barracks.  The soldiers can be proud of their achievements and look forward to the future. Many of the soldiers are going on to join the new Squadron, but whichever unit they chose I know that they will serve their future units with the same commitment they have given to 160 Regiment RLC; a commitment that has made me proud to be their Commanding Officer.”