November 10th 2014


Two months into his new role the Commanding Officer of HMS Sherwood, the East Midlands only Royal Naval Reserve unit, has taken time out to reflect on his time in Nottingham so far.

Commanding Officer, Commander Rob Noble, aged 52, from HMS Sherwood, is a Reservist meaning he commands the Royal Naval Reserve unit in Nottingham as well as having a full time civilian job.

On a day-to-day basis Rob, who lives in Hinckley, South Leicestershire, works as an IT Project Manager at Eclipse Group Solutions which involves managing E-commerce related projects for a variety of clients. He explained that although the roles are very different in a practical sense there are also many positive cross overs too.

Rob explained: “I have always enjoyed a challenge and working in two contrasting environments allows me to develop and put into practise a range of skills and transfer my knowledge in to two completely separate fields.  At HMS Sherwood I manage a team of 80 Reservists and eight Permanent Staff and this is extremely rewarding as each have different strengths and practical specialties within both the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal Navy.

“The training that Reservists, like me, receive would cost an employer thousands of pounds a year to provide, but civilian employers who employ Reservists can take advantage of this for free. The main cross overs for me include the extra training I have received in management, leadership, organisation, communication and team building all of which are transferable to any place of work.”

Rob joined the Royal Naval Reserve in 1985 at HMS Mercia in Coventry and after numerous promotions became the Commanding Officer of HMS Forward in Birmingham from 2009 to 2011.

Rob continued: “Originally I wanted to join the Fleet Air Arm as Air Crew on a full time basis, but unfortunately my eyesight wasn’t good enough. However, I still wanted a military life so becoming a Reservist seemed like a positive step forward.

“I started my new role at HMS Sherwood at the start of September and I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying my new command. I have been welcomed by a great team and am delighted with the unit’s new training location at Foresters House in Chilwell, Nottingham.

“Recruiting more Reservists is a priority for me as Commanding Officer and I don’t believe we can be complacent about this, although recruiting is going well at the moment. I have a target of 25 in mind, but for me this is the minimum.”

As well as working full time and commanding a Maritime Reserve unit Rob also plays five and eight-a-side football on a regular basis, enjoys motorcycling and playing a variety of racquet sports.

HMS Sherwood is recruiting now and is set to hold a recruitment event on Tuesday 27 January 2015. To find out more ring 07818 017825 or email