November 3rd 2017

Joleigh’s career set for take-off thanks to Army Cadets

Joleigh Rushton

Learning skills and gaining qualifications can take cadets up in the world – literally in Cadet Corporal Joleigh Rushton’s case.

The 17-year-old who is part of Derbyshire Army Cadet Force’s (ACF) Clay Cross Detachment, is in the process of becoming an air stewardess and thanks to her training she’s already ahead of others and been offered a job with a renowned travel company.

Joleigh said: “My career links in with Army Cadets as I’m using the First Aid skills I’ve learnt to go on and be an air hostess. I’d like to eventually do the job on long haul flights but to start off you have to do more short-haul flights.

“To become an air hostess you have to do seven weeks training as cabin crew and that includes the First Aid training I’ve already had as a cadet so I already have an advantage.

“It really does put me ahead of the game. It helps knowing what I already know and I’ve also done quite a lot of First Aid at college through practical work in my course.

“I just really enjoyed studying to be an air hostess and the practicalness of the subject as well. The uniform is also just great. I’ve learned to take pride in my Army Cadet uniform and I enjoy wearing that. It will be great to wear a posh uniform like air hostesses wear in my new career!”

As well as the First Aid training, Joleigh has gained a BTEC qualification in Public Services, adding to her GCSE quota and gained confidence and leadership skills through working with the other cadets.

Joleigh continued: “Being a part of the ACF has been completely amazing. I’ve been involved for five-years and it has been the best five-years of my life.

“I’ve made new friends and learned new skills. Every time we go to a meeting at the detachment we’re learning new skills or recapping important ones that will also help you in everyday life.

“It’s good that so many of the skills you learn as a cadet can be transferred to your own career.”

"I’ve been involved for five-years and it has been the best five-years of my life."