July 21st 2014


A Cadet from Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) is training six days a week to ensure she is ready to take her place in the under 20s Great Britain (GB) team at the World Championships for Sprint Triathlon in Canada this August.

Kayleigh Adams, aged 18, who lives in Deeping St James, was selected for the team after taking part in a qualifying event held in Nottingham in June this year.

Kayleigh said: “I’m training to the best of my ability to be ready for the World Championships in a month’s time. My training involves pool swimming as well as open water swimming, cycling and running.

“I know the pressure is on now with so little time until we travel to Canada so I am concentrating dedicated training time on each of the sports involved, as well as trying to raise sponsorship to help fund my travel to Canada as we have to pay for this ourselves.”

The World Championships are set to be held in Edmonton, Canada on 29 August.

Reflecting on Kayleigh’s success to date, her mum, Clare Wookey, who is also an adult volunteer with Lincolnshire ACF, said: “I am so proud of the hard work that Kayleigh has put into her training.  It is a tough challenge to be good over three disciplines but she has embraced the challenge and always gives it her best.

“This ethos has been a life skill that Lincolnshire ACF has helped her achieve over the six years that she has been a Cadet. We are also very grateful to a number of individuals and companies that have also believed in her potential and have helped us to raise funds to ensure that Kayleigh can take part in these championships. I am humbled at the support that we have received.”

Kayleigh continued: “I am training very hard in the run up to the World Championships as I really want to do well both for myself and all those that believe in me. I am so lucky to have the support of my Mum, Spalding Triathlon Club, my coach Judith Brand from Dr J Coaching and Bike Fitting as well as the financial support from Bourne Councillors, the ACFA and Totemic in Grantham.

“I am hoping to do some further fundraising activities over the summer at the local Primary Schools and Leisure Centres by talking to children about the benefits of working hard in sport. Sport for me has opened up so many doors and I would encourage anyone to get fit and take up a new sport. It has been so good for me.”