July 15th 2014


Local Air Cadet Ed Pledge, aged 13 who recently won two gold’s and one bronze medal at the Trent Wing Athletics Championships in Grantham, has now gone onto win a further two gold’s and silver at the Central and East Regions Championships.

The Championships, held at Barkers Lane Sports Stadium in Bedford saw Air Cadets from Trent Wing taking part in numerous athletic events against the other five Wings that make up the Central and East Region.

Cadet Pledge represented Trent Wing in the Under 15 boys category at the 100 meters and relay race where he won two Gold’s and shot where he won a Silver. Trent Wing also won the regional Trophy.

13-year old Lady Manner’s student, Ed Pledge, of Curber, had won two Golds at a previous Athletics Championships within Trent Wing.

“I never really have taken part in any events like this with the Wing said Ed.

“I was more into rugby but after taking part in the sports sessions run on a Squadron Parade night and trying different activities I found that I was a good runner and enjoyed the sport. I did well in the races today and I’m looking forward to representing Central and East Region against the other five regions, however I have had a great day and It was a great feeling winning for the Wing”. Added Ed.

Officer Commanding, Flight Lieutenant Steve Broomhead, said, “It’s great to see Cadet Pledge excel in a sport he really enjoys and we all congratulate him on his wins and wish him luck in the National Championships. Sport is a strand of our Training and Development Plan as it promotes confidence, teamwork, communication and increases fitness, as well as forming modules in some of the qualifications we offer.”

Cadet Pledge will now compete against the other five Regions representing Central and East Region later this month and if successful at that event will go onto represent the Air Training Corps against the other Cadet Forces.