September 3rd 2014


A number of Reservists from 212 Field Hospital, based at Beeston Army Reserve Centre, are planning to complete a battlefield study to commemorate World War One.

The exercise has been organised to increase Reservists’ understanding of medical support provided historically, compared to the training and provision delivered on recent operational tours such as Afghanistan.

Much of the visit to the battlefields of Mons, Le Cateau and Ypres will be focused around the British Army’s planning for contingency operations 100 years’ ago. The exercise will provide the opportunity to learn contemporary lessons about past events, with the study focusing on the planning and delivery of medical support to the British Expeditionary Force of 1914.

Major Robin Dutt, a Reservist from 212 Field Hospital, has helped to organise the visit. He said: “We have organised a guide at each of the locations to take us through historical events step-by-step. The majority of Reservists involved in this exercise have civilian healthcare careers so are looking forward to the challenge of comparing historical medical support to that available to soldiers in an operational environment today.

“The Reservists will be split into groups of four people and each group will have a facilitator.  The emphasis will be on active learning and problem-solving, tailored to individual abilities.

“The groups will be conducting medical estimates.  These are systematic approaches to overcoming problems. Once the study is complete I will write a report which will look at lessons learned including administrative issues such as accommodation and travel. The report could be used by other units planning future battlefield studies.”

There are 25 Reservists taking part in the visit from 18 September to 23 September 2014.