May 5th 2016

Ministry of Defence Covenant Fund Opens for UK Applications

The Covenant Fund, an enduring fund established in August 2015, provides £10 million each year to support the Armed Forces community across the UK.

The Fund is currently accepting applications for the following priorities:

Veterans’ Gateway

A single grant of up to £2 million for a two-year pilot project to set up a single 24/7 multi-media point of contact for veterans seeking assistance. It will refer callers to existing service providers across the UK, and then follow up with the caller to ensure that they got the advice they needed. It will not compete, replicate or in any way undermine existing charities’ or government departments’ helplines. It will not provide any services but it will filter the right person to the right charity and increase the demand on their services and expertise. The Veterans’ Gateway will be funded as a two year project, with the aim that it became self-financing within those two years.

Families in Stress

Local charities or community interest companies that provide specialist services, working in close partnership with military bases can apply for grants of between £20,001 and £300,000.

Eligible projects should support families of serving personnel who are experiencing a significant stressful life event and would benefit from an intervention from a provider who can offer specialised, localised (or easily accessible) and immediate support. These life events could include: life-changing injury, bereavement, domestic abuse, relationship break-up, those subject to the civil or service justice system or mental health issues. Beneficiaries should be the families of serving personnel based both in the UK and overseas. Projects must either be new or enhance the support that is already available with an emphasis on long-term self-sufficiency. Projects should fill gaps in provision and not replicate or replace services already provided, nor create dependency. This priority will not fund capital schemes such as play parks or projects that extend to families of veterans.

Community Integration/Delivery of Local Services

Charities (including community interest companies); schools; local authorities and Armed Forces units with a UIN can apply for grants of up to £20,000. Applicants are expected to have experience and a track record of working with the Armed Forces Community, as well as a real understanding of the issues facing the Armed Forces Community.

Eligible projects should respond to the local needs of the Armed Forces Community and improve recognition of the Armed Forces Covenant, and:

  • Help integrate Armed Forces and civilian communities across the UK, and/or
  • Deliver valuable local services to the armed forces community.

The deadline for applications to the Veterans’ Gateway is 1 July 2016.

The deadline for applications to Families in Stress and the Community Integration/Delivery of Local Services is 22 June 2016.

for more information and how to apply, follow link below.