February 15th 2017

Mothers join Army Reserve for new challenge

Reservists Goldsmith and Isles 160 Transport Sqn press release

Private Kerry Goldsmith and Private Michelle Isles of 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron

Two mums who live in Lincolnshire have joined the Army Reserve to fulfil their ambitions of having a career in the military.

Private Kerry Goldsmith, aged 37, and Private Michelle Isles, aged 34, originally met when working for the Post Office and soon realised they had similar interests.

Kerry is a single mum with three children, 14-year-old twins and a four-year-old, and Michelle has two children one aged 11 years and another aged nine.

After dedicating much of their time to their families, both ladies felt that they wanted to enjoy some time for themselves, whilst at the same time making their children proud of their efforts.

Both Kerry and Michelle decided to join 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron, ‘passing out’ from their Alpha and Bravo courses, their basic soldiering skills training, in October last year and have supported each other through each stage of the process.

Kerry said: “I wanted a new challenge in my life so joining the Army Reserve with my friend Michelle has been great. It has been difficult at times, particularly getting to grips with the physical training. I’ve never been one to enjoy exercise, but thanks to the training and pointers I’ve received I’ve improved my fitness and feel healthier for it.

“I wanted to make my kids proud and show them I was serious about achieving something I had always dreamt of doing. So, I swapped my TV for a treadmill last year and haven’t looked back since. This year, I want to complete my HGV driving courses so I will be qualified to drive what I call ‘the big stuff’.”

Describing the support she had received from her family, Kerry concluded: “My parents have been fantastic is helping me with childcare. It was initially an alien concept to them me hoping to join the Army Reserve, but I now think they have seen a big difference in me personally commenting that my confidence has developed and I seem more like the ‘old me’.”

Michelle previously spent three-and-a-half years as a full-time member of the RAF before having her children, but decided to leave the Forces to spend more time at home.

Commenting on her military career so far, Michelle explained: “I’ve been around the military for much of my adult life. My ex-husband served with the RAF so the children and I travelled around with him as his career developed. I always hoped that the time would come for me to re-join the military myself, so when I got talking to another parent when my son was playing football and he told me about the Army Reserve – I knew this sounded right up my street.”

Encouraging others to follow in her footsteps, Michelle said: “Kerry and I really don’t have a lot of spare time, but hopefully we have demonstrated that if you really want to do something like joining the Reserve Forces, you can make it work. I feel like I have got my career back now, and I still get to spend all the time I want with my children. The great thing about the Army Reserve is that you can fit it around your life, your family and your job.”

160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron is an Army Reserve Transport unit that provides general transport support to its paired regular (full-time) Army regiment.

If you are looking for a challenge in your spare time and fancy second career in the Army Reserve then joining your local unit could be just what you are looking for.

There is a chance to; gain drivers licenses ranging from B to C+E, take part in physically and mentally challenging training and get involved in a huge variety of sport and adventurous training.

To find out more about joining 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron, 158 Regiment, call 01522 529082 or email

“I wanted to make my kids proud and show them I was serious about achieving something I had always dreamt of doing. "