July 16th 2015

Northamptonshire Cadets take part in ‘passing out’ parade

19 Cadets and 6 adult volunteers from Brooke Weston Trust took part in a celebratory ‘passing out’ parade yesterday (15 July) to mark the Trust’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF), that is part of the Cadet Expansion Programme, getting independent status.

In 2012 the government announced plans to launch the Cadet Expansion Programme, which aimed to have up to 100 more Cadet Units in state-funded schools by 2015. Brooke Weston Trust has four academies taking part in the scheme with a fifth set to join in September 2015.

The parade, which was held at Corby Technical School, was organised to mark Brooke Weston Trust moving away from their original partnership with Oundle School. Oundle School initially supported Brooke Western Trust to launch the Cadet Programme, but it was always the plan to achieve independent status after the Cadet contingent became established.

The Army-section CCF was set-up in September 2014 with students participating from Brooke Weston Academy in Corby, Corby Business Academy, Kettering Science Academy and Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech.

Second Lieutenant Matt Isherwood, Contingent Commander of the Brooke Weston Trust CCF, said: “My fellow officers and I are extremely proud of the progress that our Cadets have made since September last year. The last week of our term provided the perfect opportunity for this inaugural generation of Brooke Weston Cadets, to hold their first formal independent parade. The finale to the parade included a ‘passing out’ ceremony, where the Cadets returned their Oundle School CCF beret in exchange for the beret and cap badge of our affiliated regiment, The Royal Anglian Regiment. This formally marked the establishment of the very first Brooke Weston Trust CCF Platoon.”

Group Captain (Rtd) Nick Sharpe, Chief Executive of East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, said: “Cadets from the Brooke Weston Trust CCF returned from annual camp in early July with Oundle School CCF hereby drawing a close to an excellent partnership year with Oundle. We have been delighted with the progress Brooke Weston Trust has made in establishing themselves as a CCF unit to date and believe this was the perfect time to hold the ‘passing out’ parade.”

“My fellow officers and I are extremely proud of the progress that our Cadets have made since September last year."