March 13th 2014


A parade to celebrate the 200-year history of 307 (South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry Royal Horse Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery has been held in Nottingham.

It is one of three batteries that together form 100 (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery. The parade was an opportunity for serving and former soldiers to gather together for one final time prior to the Regiment being placed in suspended animation as part of the Army’s restructuring review: Army Reserves FR20.

Some 65 soldiers from 307(Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry Royal Horse Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery were joined on the parade by around 100 veterans from the South Notts Hussars Association and the Royal Artillery Association.

Demonstrations on how to set up a 105mm Light Gun took place in the city’s Old Market Square after the parade.

307 (South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry Royal Horse Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery has made significant contributions on Operations that has seen contingents deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as in Cyprus in support of the United Nations.

The title of the South Nottinghamshire Hussars, its memories and traditions, will live on when the title is returned to the Royal Yeomanry, the original role of the South Notts Hussars when they were formed in 1794.

Carlton based S (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron will be renamed A Squadron The Sherwood Rangers and South Notts Hussars Royal Yeomanry.

The foundations of the South Notts Hussars lie in the formation of Nottingham Town Troop in 1794. The Troop saw its first engagements in 1795, when it helped to suppress the Nottingham Food Riots. It went on to become the South Notts Yeomanry Cavalry and the Sherwood Rangers before becoming known as the South Notts Hussars around 1877 and formally in 1903.

The South Notts Hussars converted to artillery in 1922 and are well known for playing a key role in the Battle of Knightsbridge in 1942. Ray Ellis who was one of the last surviving Notts veterans of the Battle sadly died earlier this month.

Battery Commander Major Tom Waldron-Lynch said: “Although it is the end of an era it brings with it new opportunities for the soldiers, the vast majority of whom are going on to join new Army Reserve units across the city. I know they will serve their future units with the same commitment they have given to their Battery and Regiment; a commitment that has made me proud to be their Battery Commander.”

Some of the soldiers from 307 Battery will join A Squadron The Sherwood Rangers and South Notts Hussars Royal Yeomanry whilst others will join alternative Army Reserve Regiments located across the East Midlands including 4 Mercian Regiment and 162 Pioneer Regiment.


Gunner Jake Weston is one such soldier. He will be joining C Company, 4 Mercian Regiment who will be moving its Headquarters to the Army Reserve Centre in Hucknall Lane, Bulwell where 307 Bty are currently based. The Company will also maintain a presence in Bath Street, Mansfield.


He said: “I’m looking forwards to the future. I was proud to take part in the Battery’s parade; I marched with my head held high and my chest full of pride. Now I am looking forward to training with the Mercian’s.”