April 30th 2014


An Army Reservist Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter has bowed out of the ring in style, cheered on by his friends from his Nottingham-based Royal Yeomanry squadron.

Iranian-born Trooper Mahmood Besharate-Kererode (36) known to his friends as ‘Mo’, fought his last MMA fight at the Copperbox Arena, in the former Olympic Park in a televised bout organised by the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA.)

Ten of his colleagues from S Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry made the trip down from Nottinghamshire to watch him fight under his fighting name of ‘Persian Pride.’

In the end it wasn’t Mo’s night; after three hard-fought rounds the bout was ended by the judges’ decision.

‘Mo’s last fight and he went out on a highBloodied but unbowed, Mo commented: “Even though I didn’t win, it’s been a great night – it’s so good to have the lads come down to see me in this, my last fight. It’s great to go out on a high.

“I’m really enjoying serving in the Royal Yeomanry – I feel like I’m learning loads of new skills as well as making some great new friends. I’m coming to the end of my BAMMA career and I’m ready for the next challenge – and the reserves provide that.”

Second Lieutenant Joe Long, Mo’s Troop Leader said: “Mo’s been a first rate recruit so far; we’re all really impressed with his fighting spirit and he sets a high standard of fitness for the other soldiers in the squadron.”

Trooper Besharate-Kererode has been in the army reserves for two years; he is currently learning about handling machine guns and communication systems, as well as training to drive the unit’s specialist vehicle – the RWMIK.

He lives in Beeston, Nottinghamshire and in his civilian role he works for James Engineering as a code welder on equipment for power stations.

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