October 1st 2015

Parading in Heanor

30 Cadets from Heanor, Derbyshire welcomed a VIP guest into their school this week for their Biennial Inspection.

Heanor Gate Science College’s CCF held an event on Tuesday 29 September to both mark the Cadet Force’s second year in existence and open its gates to Air Commodore Russell RAF who was invited to the school to both inspect the CCF as a whole as well as the Cadets who were on parade.

Contingent Commander Miriam Watson, who is the Director of Vocational Learning at Heanor Gate Science College, said:  “Today’s event was also an opportunity to celebrate the success of the CCF unit and what it has achieved over the past two years.  The Biennial Inspection is a chance for senior officers, such as Air Commodore Russell, to come and see what the CCF is doing as well as it being a formal reporting point where we are inspected to make sure we are following the correct syllabus, carrying out the right training and that we can continue to offer a high value experience to Cadets in the future.

“The Cadets have been preparing for this event since starting the new school term, which has meant three weeks of intensive preparation. Some of the Cadets have also volunteered to stay behind after school to practice their drill presentation and make sure their uniforms are immaculate. The CCF continues to go from strength to strength, and I am delighted to have welcomed a number of new Cadets to join us this term.”

The event included a drill sequence during the parade, as well as three presentations that took place inside the school focused around the history of the CCF, what the Cadets experienced on summer camp and why they enjoyed their recent Battlefield Tour in France.

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association’s Deputy Chief Executive Simon Worsley attended the event. He said: “The event was a great success with many of the Cadets taking part in a parade for the first time. I know there was a bit of apprehension amongst the young people before the parade began, but this soon seemed like a distant memory when they saw the smiling faces of their families and friends in the audience.”

Heanor Gate Science College set up a RAF-themed CCF in September 2013 as part of the Government’s Cadet Expansion Programme that aimed to set-up 100 Cadets units in state funded schools.

48 Cadets parade with school’s CCF on a weekly basis, 20 of which joined the unit this school year thanks to the positive feedback they had received from those already involved.

“Today’s event was also an opportunity to celebrate the success of the CCF unit and what it has achieved over the past two years."