June 15th 2017

Personal trainer talks keeping reserves fit on Men’s Health week

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This week is Men’s Health Week (12 to 16 June) and 203 (Loughborough) Squadron, 158 Royal Logistics Corps have a special weapon to help beat the bulge.

It’s not just male reservists that Staff Sergeant Jay Wright helps keep in trim every week on Tuesday parade nights, the whole Squadron has the option of taking part in the weekly circuit training he puts on.

The 45-year-old became a personal trainer in his native Nottingham setting up his Challenge Life fitness business with his wife after 24 years in the regular Army ended in March, 2014.

He immediately signed up for the Army Reserves and now gets the chance to combine his passions for the military and fitness by passing on his personal training skills to his fellow reservists.

Jay said: “It was an easy decision to go straight into the reserves as I still love being involved with the Armed Forces.

“When I arrived I felt the unit could do more to get people exercising and the way to get people in to it was to do the circuit training myself.

“I’d decided I wanted to get into personal training and had set up a businesses with my wife. Now every week at 6pm we just put on a basic circuit training course for the members of 203 Squadron.

“On top of the exercises I try and incorporate a little information into the session such as nutritional advice and recommending further exercise routines for the week which could really benefit a person’s well-being.

“I’m not ramming the importance of keeping fit down people’s throats. There’s plenty of reasons as to why people struggle to find the time for the two to three sessions of exercise a week to keep fit.

“But with the sessions I put on at 203 Squadron, even if reservists struggle to find the time for any other exercise, they could still get a personal training session every week.”

The sessions have been running regularly for over a year now. It can vary as to how many reservists take part, but Jay says he’s seen many people improve their fitness.

He continued: “I received a mixed reaction from the reservists when I first set the sessions up to be honest, but there was a core group who wanted to improve their fitness and that’s what we wanted.

“There’s also other activities going on in the squadron before parade nights including a game of football, so that’s great and it’s still exercise.

“My aim is to build up a person’s strength and conditioning and help them focus on any other way they can improve their fitness and be healthy. You also have to try and challenge them.

“Two of our female reservists have been regular attendees and you can see a big improvement in their technical improvement and their level of fitness.

“The sessions are working but it does also depend on what a reservist does on the other six days in terms of exercise and the food they consume.”

So heading in to Men’s Health week, what is Jay’s top tip for getting and staying fit?

“The main thing is for people to enjoy it. You have to make sure it challenges you.

“Make sure you set small and realistic goals so you get more out of it.

“Don’t expect to go in losing two stone in two weeks. You need to do this to want to get fit.

“You need to enjoy it as you’re putting in the hard work to get the rewards in the long term and that’s better than forcing yourself to do it.”

“My aim is to build up a person’s strength and conditioning and help them focus on any other way they can improve their fitness and be healthy. You also have to try and challenge them."