September 6th 2017

Ready for work after Army Cadet experiences

Cadet Sergeant Major Aeden Buther

Cadet Sergeant Major Aeden Butcher

A business studies student says his experiences with the Army Cadet Force (ACF) can only help him as he embarks into the working world.

Cadet Sergeant Major Aeden Butcher of Derbyshire ACF is about to swap studying for adult life and he believes his five-years of experience in the youth organisation will make a big difference.

Working as a stockbroker or joining the Army are among the career options the 17-year-old from Chapel-en-le-Frith is looking towards for a future career.

Thanks to the cadets he’s also developed a passion for target shooting which he’s looking to take further.

Aeden said: “Any cadet that I’ve known has been massively put ahead of other candidates when it’s come to their job applications.

“That’s just because cadets have so many skills that have been learnt and made better through the cadet system. It includes building things such as confidence and the ability to speak clearly.

“A lot of employers recognise the skills cadets learn and know they’re an asset to their organisations.”

Taking on the responsibilities of leadership is something cadets are encouraged to do that will only benefit them in their future careers.

As one of the more senior cadets on Derbyshire ACF’s Annual Camp at Nesscliffe Training Area near Shrewsbury last month (August), Aeden enjoyed plenty of extra responsibilities.

Cadet Sergeant Major Aeden Buther 1

Cadet Sergeant Major Aeden Buther

He said: “Annual Camp has been fantastic. There’s so much to do; so many new people to meet. I’m mixing with cadets of all ages. I’m seeing how they react to each other and work together as a team.

“That’s what Annual Camp is all about – coming together and having a good time.

“As an older cadet there’s a lot of responsibility and I actually enjoy that.

“As a senior cadet I have to take control of many cadets with different problems and issues and ensure they’re rectified and ok.

“It becomes second nature to you after a while when you do it quite a lot and the younger cadets come to respect you as a senior.

“My time in cadets has been really successful and I feel I have achieved an amazing amount.

“I’ve had so many opportunities to do different activities, sports and trips from Gibraltar to skiing including many camps across the country.

“There’s been so many highlights, but the one personal to me was being selected for the target shooting team and finishing in a respectable 40th place in the country with Cadet 100, the ACF’s prestigious national shooting competition.

“I’m looking to also continue target shooting as a sport after cadets. A lot of the current shooting Olympians have honed their skills through the ACF so I will consider that as an option as something for the future too.”

“Any cadet that I’ve known has been massively put ahead of other candidates when it’s come to their job applications."