November 17th 2014


A team of seven Army Reservists from Leicester have taken part in a 24 hour endurance race in which they ran as many times as they could around a 10km lap.

The Reservists who train with 222 Medical Squadron based at the Army Reserve Centre on Brentwood Road in Leicester took part in Equinox 24 on 20 and 21 October 2014.

The race was held at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire and attracted almost 1500 spectators. The team from Leicester included five Army Reservists and two regular (full-time) soldiers.

Lieutenant Preet Chandi, aged 25, was a part of the team. She said: “The race allowed you to take part as an individual, a pair, a small team of five or less or a large team of eight or less. The route was 10km and the idea was to run it as a relay taking it in turns to run as many laps as possible in 24hours.

“Equinox 24 is a mixed terrain race against the clock. We arrived the day before the event started to set up our tents that we would normally use on a military training weekend. Our first lap of the course was great on ‘fresh legs’ we all ran the first 10km in between 39-46 minutes. Morale was high as we were being cheered on by each other and the crowd into the evening.”

Preet has always enjoyed keeping fit and was up for a challenge when she agreed to take part in Equinox 24.

She continued: “Being an Army Reservist it is important that I keep physically fit so I try to take part in as many different sports as I can in my spare time. However, waking up in the middle of the night for my third and fourth laps during this event was difficult at times. Each of us had a head torch on to run in the dark, and we all continued to push on and motivate each other through the rain and the wind overnight.

“By daylight, we all had fairly stiff legs but were keen to run as many laps as we could to complete the race. As our last runner came to the finish line, we all joined in to finish the event as a team. Overall, we ran 50k each and came in fifth place out of 46 teams. We were really pleased with this!”

Determined to continue training and improving their fitness, members of the team also went on to run the Nottingham Half Marathon a week later and some of the team entered Ironman Wales and Ultra-Marathon.