May 23rd 2014


An Army Reservist from Leicestershire has received a Front Line Ambulance Award for recognition of service at a ceremony held at the House of Lords in London.

Lance Corporal Malcome Martindale, aged 30, from 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment, who have a detachment in Leicestershire, volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan to provide vital front line ambulance medical support to the British Armed Forces in March 2013.

During his time in Helmand Province, Lance Corporal Martindale, who works as a Support Teacher in his civilian career, was deployed on operational patrols as the frontline mobile combat medical support and formed part of the Ambulance Response Team.

Working independently, in many cases, he played a vital part in the continuum of care of injured soldiers and transferring patients to hospital following their extraction from the immediate point of wounding. This role is physically and mentally demanding, with a need to keep a level-head at all times.

Lance Corporal Martindale, who lives in Derby, has always been determined to make a difference and help fellow soldiers in need. Due to not being employed in the healthcare industry in his day-to-day life, he had to complete intense pre-deployment training to update his specialist military medical skills to ensure proficiency in his desired combat medical role and prove himself capable of dealing with the unexpected.

Since returning from a six-month tour of Afghanistan he has stepped up to deliver front-line combat medical technician training to his peers proving detailed examples of his experiences.

Lance Corporal Martindale was awarded the Front Line Ambulance Award for his significant commitment to the Reserve Forces and the life-saving emergency care he provided to troops in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Martindale said: “It is a huge surprise and a privilege to have received the award, my family and I are very proud. The time I have spent training for operations and my time in Afghanistan have been hard at times as well as being extremely rewarding. This award will forever remind me of my achievements in the Army Reserve.”

Major Alex Smith from 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment said: “It’s a great honour for not only Lance Corporal Martindale but also the Squadron; it shows that hard work and time which is put in by the entire unit is recognised.”

The awards ceremony took place at the House of Lords on Thursday 8 May, hosted by Baroness Browning.