December 19th 2017

The Reservist Magazine available online now

The Reservist

The Reservist Magazine front cover

The Reservist magazine is now available to read online and this edition features a great mixture of stories from the Army, Navy and RAF Reserves.

There is a story about 222 Medical Squadron who participated in a study that tracked the movements of the American Army’s 36th (Texas) Infantry during their 1943 operation in Italy.

As well as this there is the exciting story of Captain Richard Harvey who after being on deployment in Cyprus decided he would ride his motorbike back to the UK despite the adverse weather conditions he faced.

The special feature in this edition of The Reservist Magazine focuses on 101 Military Working Dog Squadron and examines how they undertake specialist training to ensure they can fulfil their duties.

We also have a spotlight on the civilian careers of reservists including a professional football referee and a full-time mum.

You can find this year’s copy of The Reservist Magazine online here.

To submit future content ideas for The Reservist Magazine please email by February 2018.