June 24th 2016

Reservist: “Taking part in an exercise in Jordan has been a real highlight for me.”

Exercising in Jordan. Crown Copyright.

A reservist who trains in Nottingham has taken part in his first overseas training exercise with 350 Field Squadron in Jordan.

Sapper Tom Hunt, aged 21, lives in Derby and travels to Nottingham each week to complete his reserve training.

Explaining that he has always had an ambition to learn a trade and travel overseas, Tom said: “I work as a Chef in my civilian job but I have never thought of this as a long term career option. From a young age I have always dreamt of joining the military, so when the opportunity came up to join the Royal Engineers as a reservist in Nottingham I jumped at the chance. “

Only six weeks after completing his basic military training, Tom volunteered to take part in a training exercise in Jordan alongside one of his colleagues from 350 Field Squadron. Tom continued: “On my arrival in Jordan we took part in a three day acclimatisation activity before heading on to the training camp where we would complete our main tasks. My main duties included assisting the troops with loading and unloading military kit in to the vehicles, making sure the soldiers had enough ration packs and other vital supplies for when they were completing collective group search exercises in the hot temperatures.

“Taking part in an exercise in Jordan has been a real highlight for me. As I have only recently finished my basic training, I am not trained in carrying out search activities yet but I found it interesting learning how training exercises such as this are completed. I got to take part in a ambushing exercise where my role was to disrupt the exercising troops activities on the ground, I found this exciting as well as challenging.

“I really enjoy working in a military environment, experiencing the variety of tasks and working as a team to get the job done. My role as a reserve is totally different to my day job, so its great to be able to learn new skills I couldn’t ordinarily experience at work.”

On returning from Jordan, Tom now plans to go on to complete his combat engineer training and in the future potentially learn a trade through the Royal Engineers by joining the regular (full-time) Army.

“Taking part in an exercise in Jordan has been a real highlight for me."