December 2nd 2015

Reservists complete Drive Master Competition

A number of Loughborough-based Reservists have completed a driving competition that was designed to test their abilities in both on and off road driving, manoeuvring, safe loading and observation skills.

Exercise Steelback Drive Master was an Army Reserve Regimental road safety and skilled driving competition, which took place at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks in October 2015.

Over 40 soldiers from across the British Army’s 158 Regiment took part in the exercise, which was organised by 203 Squadron Royal Logistic Corps (RLC), who are based in Loughborough.

Major Daz Knight, Officer Commanding of 203 Squadron RLC, said: “Exercise Steelback Drive Master was an excellent opportunity to test and practise driving skills in a competitive environment.

“158 Regiment is an Army Reserve RLC Regiment, with a HQ and four Transport Squadrons based across the whole of the East of England. Our role is to provide general transport support to our paired regular Army Regiment, so events such as this are a great way of our Reservists putting their learning to the test in terms of their vehicle knowledge, team-working, safe loading, highway code, cross country driving and observation skills.

“The event was very successful, with lots of people commenting how much they valued the experience.”

Reservists at 203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron have a range of driving abilities, from car driving licences up to those who are capable of driving 15 tonne military vehicles.

The unit’s Reservists are trained to provide specialist support on operations in the UK and aboard, with their vehicle fleet including MANN support vehicles that are able to carry up to 15 tonnes of equipment on or off road.

To join 203 Squadron individuals do not need any previous military or driving experience. If they are keen to learn new skills, qualifications can be earned on-the-job as an individual’s Reserve training progresses.

Reservists in Loughborough specialise in a range of different roles including military drivers, communication specialists, chefs, military clerks and combat medical technicians.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Reservist in your spare time and want to find out more about joining 203 Squadron contact 01509 263 742 or visit for more details.

“The event was very successful, with lots of people commenting how much they valued the experience.”