June 26th 2017

Reservists join forces with Severn Trent Water

25 Reservists serving with 506 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Water Infrastructure) (506 STRE) are planning to visit a local business to learn more about water infrastructure in Nottinghamshire.

The reservists who each serve with the Army Reserve’s 506 STRE (Water Infra) are trained to provide expertise in operational situations either at home or aboard in which resources are needed to manage all aspects of water infrastructure such as the supply, treatment and distribution of clean water systems and waste water treatment to name a few.

Technical training is constantly evolving so a visit has been organised by 506 STRE (Water Infra) to Severn Trent Water’s Aslockton Sewage Treatment Works in order to build reservists knowledge and develop the teams understanding of waste water treatment in the region.

Corporal Simon Wilson is one of the reservists taking part in the visit. He explained: “We are coming to the end of a technical training year so this event will give our personnel a further insight into specific treatment processes and any upgrades that have taken place on site recently and why.”

The site visit is planned to take place in July this year and is fully supported by Severn Trent Water.

Phil Shiels, Programme Manager at Severn Trent, commented:  “This is a great chance for Severn Trent Water to support our Armed Forces. Not only is supplying wholesome clean water and taking away waste water important for our everyday customers, it is a privilege to add support which could help preserve life under more extreme conditions.”

Simon Wilson, who lives in Derby, continued: “I’m a Lead Waste Water Designer in my civilian career employed by North Midland Construction PLC, NMCNomenca division, so I decided to organise this visit for my team to see a practical example of how treatment processes work as well as gaining vital experience in how to operate the plant. NMCN contract directly for Severn Trent Water and I am based at the Severn Trent Water office in Derby.”

“This is a great chance for Severn Trent Water to support our Armed Forces."