March 13th 2015


Eight Reservists from HMS Sherwood, the East Midlands only Royal Naval Reserve Unit, have embraced the opportunity to visit one of the unit’s affiliated warships in Liverpool.

The Type 23 Frigate, HMS Lancaster, is based in Portsmouth and works closely with HMS Sherwood to provide quality sea training for Reservists.

The ship’s affiliation began in late 2014 so this event was one of the first opportunities Reservists from Nottinghamshire, where HMS Sherwood is based, had the chance to visit the ship.

Lieutenant Hattie Jacques, Royal Navy Staff Officer, was one of the senior guides who visited the ship with the Reservists. She explained: “HMS Lancaster was alongside in Liverpool to carry out some local engagement activities before deploying on operations later this month. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for our Reservists to meet some of the personalities on board, including the Commanding Officer, and have a personal tour of the facilities.”

Recruit Davis on board HMS LancasterRecruit Davis on board HMS LancasterDuring the tour the Reservists were able to see the ship’s new Wildcat helicopter, the first in operational service in the Royal Navy, view the bridge and accommodation on board.

Hattie continued: “Many of those selected to partake in the visit were relatively new recruits so this gave them a chance to explore various areas of a ship they may not have seen before such as the engine rooms and other machinery spaces.

“Experiencing what life on board a ship such as HMS Lancaster is like is important for our Reservists. Our continued affiliation to the ship will help us to deliver fully trained Reservists to the fleet as well as allowing us to support HMS Lancaster on normal deployments and operations.”