September 18th 2014


Two colleagues from East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA) are set to take part in a national World War One event in Nottingham later this week.

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) Simon Worsley, Deputy Chief Executive at East Midlands RFCA, and Lieutenant Lynne Holland, an adult volunteer with Nottinghamshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) are volunteering at the BBC World War One At Home event outside of their everyday roles to commemorate the Great War and its effect on Nottingham.

Simon Worsley said: “I am proud to commemorate such an important event both as a retired member of the Armed Forces and through my role at the RFCA where I work with others to encourage them to volunteer.

“This event is a good opportunity to contribute to volunteering myself and I feel that it is also important to teach others about events in history which have shaped the present.”

The national event, which has also visited seven other cities, will give visitors a chance to experience what life was like during the Great War as well as showing them the ways its shaped life today, something that both Simon and Lynne say is important to them.

Lynne Holland, an Administrative Support Officer at East Midlands RFCA, said: “The event will focus on how the war brought about changes which are still important to us today, and I am pleased that events like this exist in Nottingham to educate young people and the general public about times past.

“Being in the ACF as an ACF Officer allows me to play a part in helping young people learn a variety of new skills and continue their historical learning outside the school environment.”

The BBC World War One At Home event will take place on Friday 19 September and Saturday 20 September 2014 in the Old Market Square, Nottingham.

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