February 24th 2015


The Royal Yeomanry who has historical links to the city stretching back over 200-years is recruiting its next generation of soldiers.

Members of S (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry Regiment, will be out and about in the city centre on February 28th, 14th March and 15th April to talk to people interested in finding out more about a part-time Army career in the unit.

Up to ten soldiers will be on the city streets handing out leaflets and talking to interested members of the public. Shoppers may also see one of the Squadron’s light armoured vehicles, the R-WMIK, being driven around the city.

The Squadron is one of five that together form the Royal Yeomanry; a Light Cavalry Regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps. Its role is to act is the eyes and ears on the battlefield; scouting ahead and locating the enemy.

The Royal Yeomanry Regiment was formed in 1967 from other distinguished Yeomanry Regiments including the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry that was raised in 1794 as the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry.


Today the S (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron is armed with General Purpose and Heavy machine guns. They also carry the latest digital battlefield communications system and surveillance optics including thermal imaging to see at night.

“We are looking forward to talking to people about who we are and what we offer,” said Captain Hugh Beattie, recruiting officer. “If you are interested in finding out about us come along and have a chat; being a part-time soldier can offer up a whole new range of experiences compared to your day job.”

The unit will also be holding an Open Day at their Carlton based Army Reserve Centre on the 25th April.

It is one of eight Army Reserve units based in the county. Other units include 170 (Infrastructure Support) Group based at Chetwynd Barracks Chilwell and 162 Regiment RLC, a Postal and Courier and Movement Control Regiment.

To find out more about the Squadron contact the recruiting office on 0115 961 8722 or visit /