March 24th 2017

Salute to the Mothers

Mother of three, Kate Knight

Mum’s the word this weekend as we celebrate Mothering Sunday – and there’s plenty to celebrate throughout the Reserve and Cadet Forces across the East Midlands.

All around the region are Mum’s making a difference to their communities and the skills and experiences honed as reservists or adult volunteers are also aiding their parenting.

They’re heroes in their spare time, as well as at home and at work.

Adult Under Officer Kate Knight is a volunteer with Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland (LNR) ACF, a freelance photographer and also a mum of three.

The 32-year-old has three daughters aged 11, nine and nine months.

Kate said: “From a Mother’s perspective, being a part of the ACF is a great way to get fit and stay active without the need to don the lycra and run around the block. I found myself wanting to do something more adventurous than going to my local gym. Being in the cadets I can experience action, adventure and endless fun, as well as it being a great way to meet like-minded friends for life.

“If you enjoy volunteering, you make the time to do it. You can gain so much personally too; I know my confidence has improved which also helps me outside my ACF commitments.

“The best thing for me though is seeing the positive impact you can have on young peoples’ lives. At summer camps I see cadets smiling and laughing, talking about the activities they got involved in during the day. It’s great to see what are sometimes shy young people flourish to be young adults by the time they leave us, it’s really fulfilling.”

Reservists Goldsmith and Isles 160 Transport Sqn press release

Reservists Goldsmith and Isles

A number of our reservists are also mums, making their children proud and increasing their skillset.

Private Kerry Goldsmith, aged 37, and Private Michelle Isles, aged 34, passed their basic soldiering skills training last October with the Arm Reserve’s 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron.

Single mum Kerry, who has two 14-year-old twins and a four-year-old, said: “I wanted to make my kids proud and show them I was serious about achieving something I had always dreamt of doing. So, I swapped my TV for a treadmill last year and haven’t looked back since. This year, I want to complete my HGV driving courses so I will be qualified to drive what I call ‘the big stuff’.

“My parents have been fantastic in helping me with childcare. It was initially an alien concept to them me hoping to join the Army Reserve, but I now think they have seen a big difference in me personally commenting that my confidence has developed and I seem more like the ‘old me’.”

Michelle, who has children aged 11 and nine, added: “I feel like I have got my career back now, and I still get to spend all the time I want with my children. The great thing about the Army Reserve is that you can fit it around your life, your family and your job.”

“I wanted to make my kids proud and show them I was serious about achieving something I had always dreamt of doing."