October 13th 2014


The Chairman of Nottingham’s Sea Cadets unit who works as a Fundraising Manager at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has told of how she enjoys marrying together her day job with her passion for the Sea Cadets.

Sue Dewey OBE, aged 56, who is also the elected Chairman for Eastern Area, joined the Sea Cadets 25 years ago and said that her most recent cross-over between her roles saw some NTU colleagues visit Nottingham Sea Cadet Unit.

Reflecting on recent events Sue commented: “We had two different teams of staff who helped out with clearing weeds and painting our wooden buildings, after I arranged to get the unit onto the outreach register for team challenges.

It was great to be able to see both of my passions combine together for a good purpose.

“I enjoy marrying together my day job and my passion for the Corps.”

Sue, who was formerly in the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) joined the unit in 1989 after attending a charity event with her late father who was the then Treasurer, where she was introduced to her predecessor Lieutenant Commander Alan Dobson OBE DL RNVR who approached her to get involved in the youth organisation.

After being made Vice-Chairman two years later, Sue became Chairman of the unit when Lieutenant Commander Dobson passed away, and it is this position which she still holds today.

She said: “I stay involved with the Sea Cadets because I love the organisation and everything that it stands for in helping young people, often from quite disadvantaged backgrounds.

“I still get a thrill from seeing Cadets that I first met as young as 10 or 11 years old going onto successful careers, sometimes in the uniformed services or into other industries.”

Sue also told of how her time with the Sea Cadets has provided her with several highlights which she still looks back on today.

She said: “One of my main highlights was seeing Cadets from Nottingham unit parading in front of Her Majesty the Queen on board HMS Ocean in 2004.  We also had cadets parading in front of HRH The Duke of York at the Trafalgar Bicentenary in 2005, and stewarding  and providing musical entertainment at a dinner in Nottingham  for the Bicentenary, which was attended by the then First Sea Lord, Admiral Alan West.

“I was also very proud to attend the Buckingham Palace Garden Party for the 150th anniversary of the Cadet Forces, but on a more personal level, I will always remember my own trip to the Palace, which even 8 years later still seems like a dream!”

Sue added that her role in the Cadets have also seen her improve her existing skills.

She continued: “I would say that my involvement as Chairman both locally and with my national role has given me more confidence, improved my presentation and people management skills, and has also raised my profile hugely within the local community.

“This has given me wonderful experiences at a variety of different events and occasions over the years and I enjoy that I am still able to engage with the Royal Navy, but in a way I would never have imagined when I was a member of the WRNS all those years ago.”