September 6th 2016

Sisters bond in Army Reserve

Molly and Jess Coyne

Two sisters from Derby have joined the Army Reserve to push themselves out of their comfort zone to try new activities and meet new people.

The sisters, Recruits Molly Coyne, aged 19, and Jess Coyne, aged 21, both joined the Army Reserve’s 222 Medical Squadron on Sinfin Lane in Derby earlier this year and are part way through their basic training.

Known as ‘The Coyne Sisters’ at their unit, the girls describe themselves as being best friends who enjoy doing everything together, so joining the Army Reserve seemed like a positive experience for them both to enjoy.

Molly wants to be a nurse and is set to start a BSc (Honours) in Nursing (Adult) at Sheffield Hallam University in March next year (2017). She said: “Jess joined the Army Reserve slightly before me but I knew it was right-up-my-street when she described all of the activities reservists can get involved in and what training is on offer. I’m looking forward to starting my nursing course and depending how I get on with my future NHS work placements, I may decide to either stay as a reservist to enjoy the best of both worlds or join the military full-time as a nurse.”

Jess works part-time at Sports Direct, who she describes as being very supportive of her Army Reserve commitments, she explained: “I’ve always wanted to join the Army so being a reservist allows me to experience what it’s like to be a soldier alongside my job as a retail assistant. I have recently graduated from university, so am looking forward to all the opportunities ahead. As sisters we love getting outdoors to take part in adventure sports like cycling and rock climbing, so it was fantastic to go to Wales with our unit on an adventure training weekend this March.”

As part of a team building weekend, Molly and Jess joined a team of reservists from 222 Medical Squadron in Wales this March to experience white water rafting and climbing Mount Snowdon.

Molly said: “There was a real sense of camaraderie in the group who went to Wales. Jess and I were really new to the unit but it didn’t matter at all, we were treated the same as everyone else. We’ve already met some great people through the unit and our shared Army Reserve experiences are definitely bringing us even closer together.”

Both girls attend Sinfin Lane on a weekly basis and feel they have been well-prepared for their basic training thanks to special ‘recruit nights’ organised by their unit in which a more senior reservist goes through basic soldiering skills with them.

Jess added: “The support we have both received from the unit has been amazing. There were a couple of other recruits who started around the same time as us, so we have all bonded and continue to motivate each other to take the next steps in our training programmes. Being in the Army Reserve with my sister is great and I feel really lucky that we enjoy spending all of our free time together.”

“The support we have both received from the unit has been amazing."