January 21st 2016

Students get taste of life in the Army Reserve

Looking at Army equipment and cooking ration packs were just some of the activities sampled when students visited their local Army Reserve centre in Lincoln.

The 24 students, who are each studying a Public Services course at Lincoln College, visited 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) to learn more about life in the Army Reserve.

The event also gave the students the chance to learn about Army vehicles and talk to members of the squadron about their own experiences as a Reservist including training they have conducted and locations they have been mobilised to.

One of the Reservists on-hand to speak to students on the day was Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) Nigel O’Leary, he said: “Having previously visited Lincoln College students to give a talk about life in the Army Reserve, I was keen for them to come down and see what it is all about for themselves. Seeing the students learn about cooking in the field and putting their all into military exercises like those used to select officers at Sandhurst was a proud moment and I hope that the day has inspired some of the students to think about a career in the Army Reserve when they are over 18 years.”

Having helped to organise the event, Nigel added that many of the students were already interested in pursuing a career in the uniformed services sector so 160 Squadron were pleased to be able to give the young people an insight into what they may expect from a career in the Armed Forces.

Neil Carlin, a Sports Lecturer at Lincoln College, oversaw the activity day on behalf of the college. He said: “Our students will gain the equivalent of two A-levels on completing their public services course, but after seeing their enthusiasm and willingness to take part today, I am certain that they will also leave the course with an interest in the Army Reserve.”

Tom-Clancy_press releaseLevel 3 BTEC Uniform Public Services student, Tom Clancy, aged 18, said: “I wanted to attend this event to help me decide on which military service to join and to gain an insight into what kinds of things I could be doing if I join the Army Reserve. I found the mine detection activity really interesting and I really enjoyed getting to have a go at something which soldiers do as part of their career.”

Robert Brookes, aged 18 is currently studying a Level 2 BTEC in Uniformed Public Services. He said: “I am currently an Air Cadet and a Beach Lifeguard. In the future I want to perhaps join the Royal Navy as a medic and now feel that I have more knowledge about what is like in the Armed Forces. I never knew that military chefs could cook meals in the field and I was really surprised by the amount of things soldiers have in their ration packs.”

Chloe Young, aged 16, from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire told of how she enjoyed getting to try on Army kit and equipment. She said: “I am currently studying my Level 2 BTEC and want to become an Army Dog Handler in the future. Getting to come to the barracks today and try out all the activities has been a great change from the classroom and I have learnt lots of things I never knew about the Army Reserve, including the qualifications and specialisms on offer.”

The event took place on Friday 15 January 2016 at Sobraon Barracks in Lincoln.

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"Getting to come to the barracks today and try out all the activities has been a great change from the classroom and I have learnt lots of things I never knew about the Army Reserve"