August 28th 2014

Thousands of Army Cadets take part in annual camp

Thousands of young people and adult volunteers involved in the Army Cadet Force (ACF) have taken part in annual camps in different areas of the country this year.

Every year members of the ACF are given the opportunity to experience taking part in an annual camp that lasts for up to two weeks somewhere in the UK.
Each camp takes a lot of organising and planning by both the permanent ACF staff and adult volunteers, but is often a highlight of the cadet calendar for many involved in the activities.
Each of the activities planned on camp are intended to be challenging and fun and can include water activities such as canoeing, field craft, camping and target rifle shooting as well as activities designed to improve individuals’ leadership skills and personal confidence.
Please find below a list of camps visited this year by ACF units based in the East Midlands:
Derbyshire ACF visited Wretham Camp in Thetford
Lincolnshire ACF Otterburn Camp in Northumberland
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland ACF  
Nottinghamshire ACF visited Wretham Camp in Thetford
Simon Worsley, Head of Cadets and Youth and Deputy Chief Executive at East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, said: “For most cadets and cadet force adult volunteers, annual camp is the climax of the cadet year.  Nearly two thousand young people from across the East Midlands are put through a hectic, at times testing but above all, thoroughly enjoyable week or two, in a carefully planned and executed package, which demonstrates the cadet experience at its best.  But we should never forget that without the efforts during the months of preparation and during the camps by the adult volunteers, ably supported by a small cohort of professional staff, these camps would never happen.”