March 3rd 2015


Cadets and adult volunteers from Wellingborough’s 378 (Mannock) Squadron Air Training Corps are gearing up for their next Recruits’ Intake Night.

On Wednesday 4 March 2015, the Squadron will be recruiting youngsters between year eight at school and 17 years of age at their headquarters in Spring Gardens, Wellingborough.

The recruitment evening, which aims to see a boost in membership of the Squadron, will give potential recruits and their parents the opportunity learn about the activities that Cadets take part in.

Wellingborough’s Cadets experience a myriad of activities including flying, sports, target shooting, adventure training and leadership. The Squadron meets every Monday and Wednesday evening where the Cadets are given the building blocks to learn practical skills and to earn real qualifications.

From rock climbing to canoeing, kayaking to abseiling, Cadets can take part in a wide variety of activities under the direct guidance of professional instructors.  The Squadron’s recruits get the opportunity to learn numerous field-craft skills, from camouflage and concealment to field cooking, as well as basic expeditionary training for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme.

Involved with the preparations for the Squadron’s latest intake night, Cadet Sergeant Leah Catterall said: “I’m looking forward to meeting a whole new bunch of recruits at the intake night but it’s hard work getting all these new uniforms sorted out.

“I remember the day I joined the Squadron, I was a bit worried but I made a load of new friends straight away.  I’ve done a lot of really cool stuff over the years and it’s nice to see the new guys joining.”

Individuals interested in learning more about what new recruits can expect from the Air Cadets, or seeking further details about the Recruits’ Intake Night, can visit or the Squadron’s Facebook page at  The Squadron’s training takes place at their headquarters in Spring Gardens, Wellingborough.