September 14th 2016

Worksop Cadet gets gold award

Cadet Hannah Frost has been awarded the Gold Duck of Edinburgh Award

A student from Worksop has achieved her gold Duke of Edinburgh’s (D of E) Award through the Army Cadet Force (ACF).

Cadet Colour Sergeant Hannah Frost, aged 17, from Nottinghamshire ACF’s Worksop Detachment credits her award to the help and support she has received through the Cadet Force and believes the award will add depth to her future university application.

Hannah, who is currently studying at UTC Sheffield, said: “The D of E Award is a very valuable certificate to have as it will look great on my CV and I will be able to talk about what I have achieved in my university application’s personal statement. The award will also give me something interesting to talk about in any future interviews I may have for universities or work.”

Describing what goes in to achieving a gold D of E Award Hannah commented: “The gold award is slightly different to achieving the silver award as it includes a residential section.  The gold award is made up of different categories these being volunteering, expedition, physical , skill and the week-long residential.

“I completed my residential section in Northern Ireland, which was a great. I wanted to complete my final award as soon as I could as I will be leaving the Cadet Force when I turn 18. It took me one year to achieve what I needed to, this has allowed me to volunteer more with the Cadet Force generally at different events being held.

“I was one of 38 cadets chosen from around the country to take part in the D of E Awards 60th anniversary celebrations in Ballykinler, this is where I did my leadership course. This was loads of fun as we also got to take part in some adventurous training and see some of the local tourist sites.

“I’d tell someone to join cadets as it gives you something to look forward to and it’s a way of meeting new people. I joined the cadets alongside my brother originally as I wanted to build my confidence but in the past three years I have been much more comfortable speaking to new people. The activities we do in cadets are really different to what you do at school. For example I have learnt to read a map and be a competent First Aider; skills that in some cases could be life-saving.”

Hannah has also taken part in many county-based First Aid competitions and enjoys taking part in Nottinghamshire ACF’s cross country events whenever she can.


“I’d tell someone to join cadets as it gives you something to look forward to and it’s a way of meeting new people."